"exclusive in home massage and healing services"

Massage Experience

At Malibu Massage Therapy, we are dedicated to restoring balance by clearing the mind and healing the body, empowering our clientele with serenity and inner peace in a soothing and calming atmosphere we create for you.

Skilled in a variety of healing massage and therapeutic modalities, our wellness professionals provide exclusive attention that will engage both body and soul using only the finest organic products.

Surrounded by candlelight, aromatherapy, and the soothing sounds of exquisite music, your customized treatment will align your senses to relax and rejuvenate you emotionally, spiritually and physically.

As the rhythm of nature flows together to create earth’s symphony, so will our therapists orchestrate your restoration to harmony and balance.

Malibu Massage Therapy invites you to experience our healing arts.

Tailored Services

Private Home Spa Treatments
Corporate Wellness Program
Guided Meditation
Private Reflexology Workshop
Senior Wellness
Gift Certificates
Special Events

+ Events – Parties – Celebrations
+ Birthdays
+ Anniversaries
+ Baby showers
+ Wedding showers
+ Weddings
+ Retreats
+ Spa Parties
+ Custom parties

Event services can include:

+ Guided meditation
+ Reflexology
+  Massage

Diana will gladly work with you to customize your special event.


Client Trusted in Malibu and Santa Monica

As someone who travels often for work, I get massages often for stress reduction and tension relief. Diana by far gives the best massage I have ever had. Personally, I prefer deep tissue and she know the right areas and the right pressure to get my horrible knots out. 
Also, she does amazing wonders with your feet. She is highly trained in reflexology, which I never really believed in until her. I come off her table after 90 minutes like a new person and 3 pound thinning from built up fluid retention. 
She will come to your house or you can go to her…. ten times better than any high end spa massage (trust me I’ve had many of those).”

~ Tiffany Carter, President TLC Enterprises


I adore Diana’s massages! She is a miracle worker with her knowledge of different massage techniques, providing the client with exactly what his or her body needs. Diana treats my family – you will leave her table feeling both relaxed and energized – a real treat. I go to her as often as I can, as do my husband and daughter. GO!

~ Tracy

Malibu Massage Therapy provides exclusive Massage Services in Malibu and Santa Monica. Malibu Massage Therapy has been providing Malibu and Santa Monica residents exclusive in home massage for two decades. Shiatsu Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Reiki are our specialties.